We Have The Best Solutions For Your Joint and Spine Pain

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People all over the world are losing the battle against pain. Many feel they have no other option but to rely on addictive medications or try invasive and risky surgeries.

At Medical Center Plus Joint and Spine Center, we have developed a comprehensive, multi-specialty approach to address joint and spinal pain and related conditions such as sciatica and neuropathy that utilizes providers in multiple healthcare specialties working together under one roof. This approach allows patients to see multiple providers in a single visit without having to travel to another office or schedule separate appointments to treat the same issue.

We utilize the latest technologies to treat the root cause of your pain, restore proper function instead of simply covering up symptoms, and very often avoid surgeries or other much more invasive procedures. We are usually able to accomplish this with a minimum of medication—usually we are getting patients off medication rather than adding to their list of pharmaceuticals—and we never prescribe dangerous medications such as opioids, as they have proven to be a medical disaster of massive proportions.

We call this approach “Collaborative Physical Medicine” and we aspire to be leaders in this healthcare space. Contact us today to request an appointment!

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We provide the best solutions for your joint and spine pain.

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